OPAL Young Performers (OYP!) is OPAL’s children’s program, offering classes, workshops and performances to include activities both on and off stage.

August 8-12

Opal Young Performers Theater Camp/Evening Performance


This week long summer camp immerses participants in a hands on theatre experience. From auditioning, learning the material, staging the show, and incorporating props, lights and costumes, the entire process happens in only 5 rehearsals. It's a truly remarkable experience for the participants, and they feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment in producing a show in such a short period of time.

OYP! is a year-round program to serve the children in our community to encourage and develop a life-long appreciation of theatre arts. The activities will include plays, skits, dance, improvisation, play writing, set design, props, actor make-up, costumes, etc. Essentially, we will offer to children a comprehensive program for performance arts. The schedule and offerings will vary throughout the year.

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