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The Opal Center is our storefront performance space. Located at the heart of downtown Cottage Grove, we are a fully equipped venue and host live theater, performances, movies, music, classes, and workshops.

The Opal Center collaborates with members of the community and visitors to put on events, performances and other activities. We offer a number of ways to collaborate and are happy to consider your ideas. Let us know if you have a show or event you would like to put on at Opal Center by logging on to our website and filling in the online Program Proposal Form.

Music and bands

Though we host a music series, please be aware we are not a traditional music venue and typically don’t book straight musical acts. However, if your band has a unique theatrical element, or film/video component that that isn’t easily accommodated at regular music venues, you might fit well on our calendar.


Occasionally we rent OPAL If you’re interested in renting our venue for your event or production contact our Theater Curator, Peter Dumbleton, or Executive Director, Michele Rose, with an inquiry.

Submitting your proposal

While your proposal helps us evaluate how your show will fit in our theater, submitting a Program Proposal doesn’t guarantee a collaboration, but it starts the conversation. We’re flexible and want to collaborate, we hope you are too. Attractive proposals integrate ideas or media, use our space uniquely, and engage the local community through their originality.

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