Nature of Gratitude

nature of gratitude
April 28

$15 General Admission


The Crafy Merchantile


517 East Main Street


We are ...

an ensemble of artists coming together on stage to explore and share our experience of nature and gratitude in music, spoken word, and photography.

The Nature of Gratitude ensemble believes that art in its beautiful variety opens us to the practice of gratitude in our lives. Authentic gratitude recognizes that all life is a gift for which we can be grateful regardless of circumstances surrounding us in any given moment.

The Nature of Gratitude has been shared in a variety of community venues committed to co-creating an atmosphere of gratefulness. We augment our core ensemble by enlisting artists from our host communities who share their gratitude in words and music. The Nature of Gratitude is honored to raise funds and awareness for a community nonprofit organization dedicated to providing universal human services.