• Mar 09
    11am to 1pm
  • Mar 10
    5:30pm to 7:30pm
About the Event

The King is Dead! The King is Dead! is a world premier musical play by Hal Holbrook and directed by Carmen Dowell. The king from last season’s show "The King Who Wanted a Whale" returns with a cast of zany royal subjects. Did the king actually get a whale? Well, yes and no. He settled for a boat made to look like a whale. Our story finds the King and Messenger Boy sailing out on the moat when a storm comes up. The whaleboat hits the dock and starts taking on water. Do the King and Messenger Boy survive?

The show performances run weekends May 17—June 2.

Come prepared to read from script and sing a capella a verse of an old folk tune of your choice.

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