• Feb 28 Friday
    7:00 pm
  • Feb 29 Saturday
    7:00 pm
  • Mar 01 Sunday
    2:00 pm
  • Mar 06 Friday
    7:00 pm
  • Mar 07 Saturday
    7:00 pm
  • Mar 08 Sunday
    2:00 pm


$12.00 General Admission

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517 E Main St, Cottage Grove, OR 97424


About the Event

King Rupert mysteriously disappears from his entourage’s overnight encampment en route to visit King Winifred, who upon receiving the news by a courier, immediately organizes a search party to find his old friend. Meanwhile, Rupert’s entourage continues on wards to visit Winifred’s castle where the queens from both kingdoms meet for the first time. After getting acquainted they decide to take charge and assume the duties of their absent husbands.The Messengers, noting their services not being called upon by the queens, wander off seeking to find a legendary Magical Village from an old map found rolled up in a tapestry. On their way they encounter the mysterious Prince Jack Daw of Jacklandia who has answers to some of their questions. He may hold the key to the whereabouts of the missing King Rupert. The Messengers become wary of Prince Jack Daw, however, when he told them “nobody who visits Jacklandia ever returns to their home country.”

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