Dear OPAL Friends and Family,

A long intermission. We hope you are safe and healthy.

Because of the Oregon ban on public gatherings issued by Governor Brown, OPAL has postponed or canceled shows and events until August. It continues to be our hope that we can bring you The Creative Chaos Camp in August and then continue the rest of our 2020 season. We will enthusiastically reopen when it is prudent and safe for our staff, casts, and guests.

While the stages may be dark and the future uncertain, we are all hard at work continuing to create.

In this time of crisis, there are many ways we can stand together as a community. If you are able, please consider supporting your local arts and culture organizations. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Opal relies on your support year-round. And especially now.

Healthy Wishes,
Michele Rose
OPAL Executive Director

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