• Jul 07
    7:30 pm
  • Jul 08
    7:30 pm
  • Jul 09
    2 PM
  • Jul 14
    7:30 pm
  • Jul 15
    7:30 pm
  • Jul 16
    2 PM


$10 General

About the Event

Talking With ... is a monologue play. Each actress will be on stage alone while giving their monologue. Some characters have specific attributes that will need to be presented. (for instance: one has a snake and tattoos, another has a baton they demonstrate skill with)

Production will be July 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 & 16

Event Cast & Participants

Fifteen Minutes Tracy Miller

Scraps Brittany Dreier

Clear Glass Marbles Judy (Sparky) Roberts

Audition Amber Hagen

Rodeo Emily Hart

Twirler Shira Rubenstein

Lamps Sarah Ulerick

Handler Rosalia D'Amato

Dragons Jennifer Mandeville-Schulz

French Fries Nikki Pagniano

Marks Kim Fairbairn

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