• Oct 25 Thursday
  • Oct 26 Friday
  • Oct 27 Saturday
  • Nov 01 Thursday
  • Nov 02 Friday
  • Nov 03 Saturday


$15 General

About the Event

In a galaxy addled with space drugs, a young prodigy wrestles with empire, religion, giant sand-worms, and gianter plot holes as he discovers and defines his own destiny. Frank Herbert's science fiction masterpiece, Dune, is torn to shreds and reassembled with music from the 1980 bad classic, "Xanadu," and a bunch of other pop culture tidbits. Lots of singing, dancing, comedy, and most of all absurdity in OPAL's 7th annual Halloween Mashup!

Event Cast & Participants

Paul Atreides Eric Elligott

God Emperor of Dune, Liet Kynes, The Worm Matt Schaft

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen Alex Ihnat

Lady Jessica Jennifer Mandeville-Schulz

Chani Renata Kamakura

Alia, Scarface Lisa Mattiello

Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen DJ Work

Reverend Mother Elizabeth Peterson

Duke Leto Atreides, Guild Navigator, Glitter Spice Brendan Lynch

Stilgar Justin Taylor

Emperor Shaddam IV, Czigo, Guild Navigator Michael Brennan

Sparkle Spice Kara Demetropoulos

Shadout Mapes Erika Peterson

Shiny Spice Mira Rinehart

Brendan Lynch, Matt Schaft, Eric Elligott
The Cast
Eric Elligott
Renata Kamakura
Matt Schaft
Alex Ihnat
Renata Kamakura, Lisa Mattiello

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