• Apr 13 Thursday


$7 Adults

$3 17-10, Under 10 is Free

About the Event

Guitarist and singer Dan Webb Howard has long had a keen interest in Latin American music, particularly bossa nova and Mexico’s new generation of singer-songwriters. Dan also enjoys interpreting some of the newer “should be classics” that have emerged from the great underground acoustic music scene of central Mexico in recent years, including compositions by such modern luminaries as David Aguilar, Alfonso Maya, and Ismael Garcia.

A native of Brazil and a born singer, Heliane Pinto has a classic voice for samba, forro, and the other vibrant genres of music that emanate from her native land. She interprets Brazilian classics with a deep passion and a boundless energy, leaving an indelible impression on everyone who has the good fortune to hear her live. Recently, Heliane has also become enraptured with the son jarocho genre of Mexican music, which is an excellent fit for her powerful voice.

Made possible in part by the Oregon Cultural Trust, the Lane County Cultural Coalition, and Banner Bank.

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