Thursday, July 28 6PM


Free No Admission


Healing Matrix

632 E Main St Cottage Grove, OR

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About the Event

Americans work a lot: according to Federal Reserve Economic Data, the average full-time American employee works about 1,700 hours per year, as compared with 1,500 in France and 1,400 in Germany. Often in America, introductions often begin with the question, And what do you do? We lead with our work. In doing so, we suggest that what we do for work says a lot about who we are, or even is who we are.

This is the focus of What Do You Do? Work and Worth in America, a free conversation with Adam Davis on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 6 pm at the Healing Matrix. This program is co-hosted by the Opal Center For Arts & Education and the Healing Matrix and sponsored by Oregon Humanities.

Davis is the Executive Director of Oregon Humanities and the editor of Taking Action, Hearing the Call across Traditions, and co-editor of The Civically Engaged Reader. Davis has taught classes and led workshops on the meaning of work. He has worked as a laborer in residential construction, a back country trail crew leader, a waiter, a burrito vendor, a teacher, a counselor, and a nonprofit administrator.

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